You’ll Always be my Brother

Beautiful exploration of loss and life in words.

The Mad Puppeteer

For Alex

I’ve heard that life is fickle
And I’ve heard that life is cruel
And when I look around, it ain’t hard to believe
That both those things are true

I’ve heard that life is fair and just
But I think that’s a lie
Whoever said that has never had
To watch a good man die

I don’t proclaim to understand
Life’s many checkered byways
And I don’t know why you had to leave
To tread the eternal highways

We didn’t know what to do or say
The night we got the news
So we shared our tears and our memories
We told each other our stories about you

‘Cause that’s the thing about stories
We hold them close to our souls
We nurture those tender memories
Like precious, priceless gold

I remember walking with you
On Wyoming mountains tall as clouds
Eating steak and eggs under a Teton…

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Author: Marissa

Poet, writer, photographer located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina USA

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